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Set of 5 Small Antibacterial Face Mask

Set of 5 Small Antibacterial Face Mask

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* Please note I can only put 5 face masks per envelope, to fit in a USPS mail box. Thank you for understanding. *


 About this item:


5 Small Face mask (Individually wrapped)


Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton Twill Antimicrobial Silver Fabric with SILVADUR™

Straps: 1/8" Soft Cord Elastic 



From center front of nose to ear edge is 5 1/2"

(Fabric will shrink approx. 1/2" in wash)



Length across @ top edge, 7 1/4”

Center front seam length 5 1/2”

Side length 1 1/4”

Finished loops length 5”, 6” total inside for adjustment


Care Directions:

- Wash with natural detergent and dry thoroughly.

- Soak with bleach to remove stains.

- Iron to remove wrinkles.

- Do not use fabric softener.



* Please note every mask is handmade and there may be sewing imperfections.

* Masks will shrink approx. 1/2” all around with hot water. I’ve constructed them slightly larger to adjust for shrinkage.

* This is not a medical device and I do not make any medical claims

* If you have a medical condition that may be affected, please do not use these masks.

* Do not wear your mask to sleep.

* Not recommended for children under five or anyone who’s breathing may be affected.



I’m using USPS flat rate Priority Mail shipping because it has great tracking and has proved to be the most reliable. Since this pandemic has affected shipping so much, I feel it’s worth it to know that the package will arrive safely, and I won’t have to deal with tracking down lost or stolen items.


To learn more about how I designed the face mask, click here